I miss the Modest Mouse Photoblog so much :(

Pat, any Chances to bring that back to live???

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Modest Mouse, “Ocean Breathes Salty”

You wasted a life, why wouldn’t you waste the afterlife?

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Isaac Brock - The genius and his guitar

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and it’s hard to be a human being
and it’s harder as anything else
and I’m lonesome when you’re around
and I’m never lonesome when I’m by myself

and I miss you when you’re around
and I miss you when you’re around
and I miss you when you’re around

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I really suck at posting SotD…

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Anonymous said: whenever you post a modest mouse song i can't help but listen to it good job

rock on anon

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I’d said what I’d said that I’d tell ya
And that you’d killed the better part of me

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Sé que está temprano, pero quiero recomendarles esta canción antes de empezar a llenarme de cosas… Con ustedes, Modest Mouse

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60mm of rain… I’m still only functioning on caffeine and willpower

I consider moving again
I only moved 3 times this year, I could go 4 more times still…
Maybe go back to the mountains again. It’s peaceful there an people stop botherin me for things when I live 4 hours away…

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you’re hopelessly hopeless, i hope so, for you.

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"broken hearts want broken necks"

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